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Getting Close to Nature with Ellettsville Real Estate

Looking for a new home is always an exciting time that is full of opportunity. If “living near nature” is part of your buying requirements, why not consider Ellettsville real estate? The properties in and around the towns of Owen County are full of lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. Learn more about the natural splendor of the homes in this region below and set up an appointment with a real estate agent today.

Owen County is home to a rural setting. Instead of the hustle and bustle of city blocks, homes for sale in Owen County are largely in rural areas. Home plots are more spread out, which instills a sense of privacy and seclusion not normally seen in the metropolitan and suburban areas. This makes this area ideal for couples whose children have left home or retirees seeking out to live their golden years at their own pace. Of course, one of the most attractive aspects of real estate here is the ever-present closeness to nature and the wild.

Homes near the State Forests of Indiana

Property for sale near Ellettsville, Indiana, as well as the surrounding towns, is a short distance from the Owen-Putnam State Forest, Morgan-Monroe State Forest, and Yellowwood State Forest. Under the administration of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, these lands have become popular destinations for camping, hunting, fishing, and mountain biking.

The State Forests are home to a wide variety of plant and animal life. As such, visitors are able to take in the natural beauty of the land, while also gaining an appreciation for Nature. State Forests also host several campgrounds for visitors to incorporate a number of recreational activities to their stay.

Hunting is a popular pastime, and the State Forests are open for deer, squirrel, and turkey hunting. Hunting licenses are required to participate. While hunting is permitted within the state-designated sides of the forest, hunters would do well to take note that many private property owners share these boundaries with the state. As such, it is important to be aware of your surroundings to prevent trespassing, while promoting a safer and cooperative atmosphere.

There is plenty to see, do, and experience when you live near Indiana’s State Forests. When you work with rural real estate agents to secure your plot, the beauty and splendor of nature are yours to cherish and make your own. Be sure to speak with an agent within Owen County to begin your search for a home that makes the great outdoors a part of your everyday life.

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